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Future So Bright Pads

Future So Bright Pads

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Future So Bright Pads are exfoliating pads that brighten, tone, and reveal clearer, more radiant-looking skin. Designed to improve uneven skin tone and refine texture on the face or body. With regular use, visible results can be seen in about 4-6 weeks. 

Features and Benefits:
  • Enzyme-activated Arbutin reduces the appearance of patchy discoloration and dark spots
  • Antioxidants Vitamin C and Kojic Acid brighten the skin and fortify against free-radical damage
  • Exfoliating Salicylic Acid improves product penetration, clarifies the skin, and refines the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores
  • Green Tea and Evodia Rutaecarpa calm and soothe the skin
  • Pre-saturated pads make them convenient to use on the face or body.
  • Compounding at the time of dispensing assures freshness and stability.
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