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Post Procedure Kit - Silver Balm

Post Procedure Kit - Silver Balm

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This post-procedure kit has everything you need to treat your skin post-laser treatment (such as co2 laser), utilizing a gentle cleanser, Silver Balm and SPF to cleanse, treat and protect post-procedure skin.

This kit contains:


Sensitive Skin Cleanser:

A gentle, foaming cleanser.

Contains purifying Sodium hypochlorite, ideal for post-procedure skin.

Silver Balm:

Contains 0.3% purifying micronized Silver. Silver helps to normalize the skin microbiome and enhance skin healing.

Also contains soothing Squalane, Panthenol, Naringenin, and Bisabolol.

This product is 100% Petrolatum-free and Lanolin-free.

Sunder Shield SPF:

A broad-spectrum tinted SPF 50+

Contains 18% Zinc Oxide in natural Squalane 

Non-stinging anhydrous vehicle.

Ideal for post-procedure skin.

Propylene glycol-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free.

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